Interested in joining the Studio 191 Team as a Host or Teacher? Tell us about yourself, your goals and your practice + we’ll be in touch with you as soon as posible. Please consider that all instructors must be fluent in English {as all of our classes are taught in English} and have at least 2 years of teaching experience.

For Barre Teachers, please note that although we do offer in-house training, we require a minimum of 2 years certified experience as a Pilates Instructor, Dance Instructor or Personal Trainer.

To join our Karma Exchange Program as a Volunteer Host {VH}, please know that we ask for 4 hours of Hosting per week in exchange for a Studio 191 Membership. A 4 month minimum commitment is required. To apply, please send us an email introducing yourself, your interests, your prefered studio to host in {de Pijp or West} and your schedule of availability.

Please note that all our classes are taught in English + therefore we ask for your application in English too.

Shoot an email to at:


Are you interested in holding your workshop, event, launch, training, meeting, lecture, presentation, dance practice, etc. at one of our studios?

Send us all the details to:

Please note that the studios are only available for rent outside of class schedule times – this means that we cannot cancel classes from our existing schedule for an event – so please do check our online schedule prior to enquiry.


We are open 7 days per week during our class schedule times.

Fancy stopping by? You can always check-out our live, most-up-to-date class schedule online for both our De PIjp and West Studio.

Prefer to email us?

The email addresses below are cared for by our small, community-based team – so please give us some time to respond.

For general enquiries, please look to our FAQ page – which we frequently update based on questions we receive via email. Have a question that is not currently answered on our FAQs? Have a more personal question pertaining to your membership? Fancy joining the team?

Please do email us via the below contact options…



memberships + payments

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