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Support Our Teachers

It’s been some weeks since we had to temporarily close our studios’ doors due to government restrictions regarding Covid-19 and we miss seeing all of your faces around the studios!

So many of you have joined us on Instagram for our Live Classes and it’s been a joy to connect with you and see your names pop up on the classes. If you’ve joined these classes then you know that we’ve been offering them for free – a sweet gift that has only been possible due to the kind generosity of our teachers.

When we closed the doors on the 15th March, we made the decision to gift all of our online classes because we felt that it was (and is) the right thing to do for our community – all of you who have supported us by coming to classes since 2015 (when we first opened our first studio in De Pijp). We have no idea what situations you’re all in now & so it felt right to bring you your favorite classes live to enjoy in your home. We hope you are loving them & shaking your booty on the mats at home with the same sass as you did in our studios!


Our wonderful teachers have been absolutely incredible during this time and true community spirit kicked in when we decided to offer complimentary classes – yet we now feel an increased need to support them by generating some financial aid for them during these prolonged weeks of no income. Therefore, we have started asking for donations – of which 100% (and not a cent less) will go to the teachers. Donations can be made at any time – not just before or after classes.

How can you help them?
* Any donations you can make are greatly appreciated.
* Sharing our free classes with your friends & asking them to kindly donate.
* Continue to send positive messages alongside donations, if you feel moved to do so.

You’ll find the donation form right here and we can accept iDeal & PayPal. If neither option is possible for you, please email us at: for an alternative option.

Our live classes will continue to go live from instagram every day for free (did you know we now schedule around 40 live classes per week across Studio 191 and The Cosmos?!) and we only ask that you donate any amount you can to help our teachers stay healthy, sane & stable right now – so that they can show up on top form for you when our studios reopen.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and cannot express how much this time has brought new perspective (and deep appreciation) for what it means to practice with you, in person or online, each day! We are blessed and honored to be able to do so.

With love,
Natasha & the team at Studio 191 and The Cosmos