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Welcome To The Cosmos

The Cosmos is a Yoga & Wellbeing Studio located in Amsterdam’s Oud West neighbourhood. We bring you daily Yoga classes in styles such as: Moon Yoga, Chakra Yoga, Aromatherapy Yoga, Candlelight Yin and Kundalini Yoga; we strive to welcome you into a deeper practice where peace and connection can be cultivated within yourself and with the warmth of our growing community.

The Cosmos is part of the Studio 191 family and as their West location is just around the corner, we welcome our students to enjoy their large living room, showers and locker room. The Cosmos shala {practice room}  is designed to be tranquil and serene. We provide yoga mats and props, we burn incense and surround ourself in candlelight. Our teachers bring deeply personal lessons and teach from the heart ~ we come together through a shared love and belief in the power of yoga asana {movement}, pranayama {breath}, ritual, meditation, mindfulness and community care.



Your Deep Tissue ~ Your Deep Body, Mind & Soul Practice. Join us for Cosmic Yin Yoga ~ a 90 minute, candlelit Yin Yoga practice suitable for all experience levels & all bodies.

Arriving on the mat, we begin with a Guided Mediation and Set Our Intention for the Practice. Cosmic Yin Yoga is designed to transform body, mind and soul. The practice is deeply restorative and connective with each pose transitioning fluidly, leaving space to feel your stillness and your movement. Observe the deeper potential of this magical practice with inspiring teachers who guide, adjust and educate you throughout.
Cosmic Yin Yoga ends with a soothing Savasana set to candlelight, incense and aromatherapy.

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Get moving with the challenging Vinyasa Flow practice at The Cosmos with this 60 minute practice suitable for healthy, active bodies with at least some experience of Yoga.

Arriving on the mat, we begin with a Guided Mediation and begin to create heat through Pranayama and Creative Flows. Prepare to move your whole body, exploring both strength and flexibility in this strong, challenging practice.

Finally, enjoy your well-deserved Savasana – some sweet relaxation to replenish body and mind.

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Moon Yoga

Moon Yoga is a restorative, relaxing practice infused with Yoga Nidra & Mindfulness ~ and set to the Moon’s Cycle. This 60 – 90 minute class is suitable for all experience levels & all bodies.

We begin with a guided mediation & guide you through a sequence of yoga postures that are connected to the current moon phase and it’s relevance within the physical, mental, emotional body ~ and the universe as a whole.

Learn more about our greater connection to one another and to our planet as a whole, as we gather in a cosy room with lots of props. Get ready to enjoy a slow-moving practice that aims to restore body and mind, release stress and increase mindfulness.

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Aromatherapy Yoga is a slow flowing, deeply restorative, aromatherapy-infused Yoga Practice.

The practice harnesses the power of essential oils to expand your sensory experience in each pose. Prepare to flow and to be in stillness, accompanied by the smell of essential oils; and did you know that your sense of smell is directly related to different parts of your brain that regulate your memory, emotions, & hormones? This can be a powerful pathway for transformation, connection and remaining present in your practice.

Combining elements of Hatha, Yin, Restorative & Slow Flow Vinyasa Yoga, Aromatherapy Yoga will release tension, restore & relax both body and mind.

Of course, we haven’t forgotten about Savasana (relaxation) where the aromatherapy truly begins to work it’s magic!

This class is suitable and recommended for all bodies, however, some oils are not compatible for pregnancy so please do alert your teacher in advance. Sadly, this class is not suitable for 3rd Trimester mamas.

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Hip Hop yoga

 Hip Hop Yoga is a playful and creative Vinyasa Flow practice that integrates strong holds, deep openers, interesting poses and is, of course, set to our favourite Hip Hop Beats. A great class for all levels of yoga experience looking for an invigorating, warming practice with a contemporary twist. 

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Ayurvedic Yoga

The word Ayurveda is derived from the Sanskrit language. ‘Ayur’, originally ‘ayuh’, means life and ‘veda’ is the wisdom or insightful knowledge – thus ‘the knowledge or science of life’.

It offers knowledge to increase awareness of your individual mind-body constitution and the factors that may cause imbalance and shows you ways to create balance by regulating the systems of the body through diet, lifestyle, herbs, yoga, and meditation. The practice of Ayurveda is designed to promote human happiness, health, and creative growth.

During the Ayurveda Yoga classes we will focus on the qualities which are affecting our daily lives looking at the season. This will be integrated into an asana practice helping you to stay balanced, put and grounded within yourself.

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Stretch & Salute the Sun every Morning at The Cosmos with this 60 minute practice suitable for all experience levels & all bodies.

Arriving on the mat, we begin with a Guided Mediation and an Opening Inspiration for the day ahead. Our Wake Up Stretches begin low to the mat and gradually ease you into rounds of traditional style Surya Namaskar A & B {Sun Salutations}. Enjoy the rhythm of cyclic flows in a traditional style as we salute the sun.

Enjoy this blissful, energising, connective flow before finishing with some deep, static Stretches and a mini closing Meditation.

Start every day at The Cosmos with Sunrise Yoga. 

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This 60 minute, Chakra Yoga practice for every body and is a great way to learn about the Yogic Chakras through a flowing, physical practice  – integrated with Pranayama {breath}, Mudra {hand gestures} and Knowledge-Sharing to enhance your understanding of the Yogic Chakras and how you can work with them for greater self-awareness and wellbeing.

Prepare to explore various styles of yoga asana ~ all dedicated to the class’ chosen Chakra ~ as we go on a journey of deeper understanding into this lesser-known aspect of Yoga.

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Cosmic yang yin

Half Vinyasa Flow, Half Yin ~ the perfect practice to strengthen and surrender (and it’s suitable for all experience levels & all bodies).

Arriving on the mat, we begin with a Guided Mediation and quickly begin to cultivate a strong, warming Vinyasa Flow. This powerful, easy-to-follow Flow will strengthen and tone the body, teach breath-body connection and stimulate the deeper organs. Half way through the practice, we transition into Yin Yoga where we restore and replenish the physical body and make space to work on the deeper koshas {layers}.

Yang Yin Yoga is loved by many for it’s all-round attention to the physical, mental and emotional qualities of Yoga. 

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Cosmic Core Yoga brings you a fluid, transitional practice with specific core movements, core transitions and deep core alignment line.
With a fun, creative vinyasa sequences, we generate more attention to the body’s power centre to generate better alignment, strength and stability.
Improve your tone and flexibility in a unique and powerful practice that will make you feel more aligned physically and mentally and cultivates a leaner and slender body.
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Deep house yoga 

Bringing the club to the mat, this class will have you feeling that Deep House beat as you move through a series of flows designed to boost energy, build strength and turn up the internal heat. Prepare to sweat, prepare to flow and prepare to bring your friends. This is clubbing for health seekers.

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Partner Yoga

Let us guide you through a playful, deeply connective + explorative practice.

Partner Yoga delves into themes such as releasing fear through trust, as well as the path of non-verbal communication and connection. It is both internally and externally focused as we journey through partner practices that create insightful revelations and offer opportunities to work through our default settings, our disconnections.

Yet throughout these classes, laughs are also guaranteed – this is a playful, relaxed setting with no expectations and no risky business. What we can guarantee is that you will surely leave knowing more about yourself and your yoga partner {whoever they may be}.

Looking for fun? For connection with yourself? For a closer union with another? To try something new? To meet new people?

Everyone is welcome. All experience levels.

Your yoga partner can be a friend, lover, relative or stranger. 

Riding solo? No problemo – there will be an even number of students in class.

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Got a Question

Here are some frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for please do get in touch with us

Visiting Us For The First Time

  • Please arrive a minimum of 5 minutes before class begins. Our doors open 15 minutes before the class starts. Arriving earlier? We welcome you to enjoy our cosy lounge and a cup of tea at our sister studio around the corner, Studio 191 (located at Jan Hanzenstraat 54})
  • Late for class? We apologise in advance but once the class begins we cannot let students inside.
  • Did you reserve a spot online prior to class? If not, please do so to guarantee your spot.
  • Need to cancel? Please do so online, via your account, at least 4 hours prior to the class start time. 
  • Arriving by Bike? Please use one of the designated Bike Parking Areas {such as in front of Studio 191 or the underground Fiets Garage at De Hallen}. Please do not park directly in front of the studio or block the entrances and walkways of our neighbours. 
  • Mats & Props are all provided, however, bringing your own mat + towel to place on top is a great initiative for sweaty pursuits.
  • Wanting to take your water into class? Please bring a non-breakable water bottle so that we don’t have glasses flying around. Spill something? Please clean it up for fellow yogis, who plan to stay on their feet.
  • We recommend wearing comfortable clothing that does not restrict your movement. Whether it’s an old pair of PJs or lululemon’s latest pants, we’re happy if you are. Show up in something you can enjoy your practice in.
  • We advise you to bring cosy socks + a jumper to class for the relaxation section. 
  • Please leave valuable + sentimental items at home if you’re worried about their safety. However our doors are locked during class and there is only ever one class at a time at The Cosmos.
  • Technological items (or anything that beeps + pings) cannot enter the practice room and should be turned on silent mode when entering The Cosmos.

Arriving At The Cosmos

  • To maintain the peace, we have no doorbell or phone line at our studio. The doors are open 15 minutes before class begins and they close promptly when we begin the class. 
  • Please remove high heeled shoes before entering the lounge. 
  • Make sure to check-in with your teacher upon arrival. 
  • Need a hug? We’re believers. Feel free to say hi with a hug + watch the boundaries between strangers slip away.
  • The Cosmos offers a separate Male & Female changing room – however to use the showers, please use our sister studio around the corner, Studio 191. 
  • Please leave phones on silent mode inside the changing rooms.
  • Refill your water bottle and take it into class with you. Please no breakable glass items. 
  • Please be aware of fellow yogis who may be resting or meditating prior to class. We love to communicate so please feel comfortable to approach one another, whilst practicing awareness of fellow students.

In The Practice Room

  • Grab yourself a Mat + Props. See the board next to the Props Cupboard? This tells you everything you’ll need for the class. 
  • As teachers, we came together based on our passion for people. The chances are that we have already met, laughed + chatted together. However, if you’re new to the studio or class then please let us know. We’re all about you & it’s handy to know your motivations and any history of illness or injury. 
  • Please leave all mobile phone {and all other vibrating, ringing devices} and glasses/tea cups outside of the studio practice rooms. Be here now, without distraction.
  • Be yourself + acknowledge others. Come to practice as yourself, with yourself + extend your good vibes to others.
  • At the end of class, you will find our Lavender + Tea Tree Mat Spray alongside some cotton hand towels. Please clean your mat well + fold the hand towel, placing it back in the basket for the next class. We re-use these towels throughout the day to reduce the use of paper + washing.
  • Please neatly place all Props + Blankets away with care for the next bunch of students.

Your Health & Wellbeing

  • If you are pregnant, have a severe and/or recent injury health concern, please consult your doctor before practicing.
  • If you are pregnant, have an injury or health concern and yoga or other movement-based activities have been recommended by your doctor, please do let your teacher know before the start of our practice. We will do our best to recommend alternative exercises when relevant, or ask you to skip certain exercises.
  • Try not to eat anything too heavy within 2 hours of practicing with us. This will allow you to get better results from your class + also better digestive results from your food. 
  • Listen to your body before class. If you are feeling stressed, your practice may help you. However, if you are feeling seriously unwell please choose to rest.
  • Listen to your body during class. We are often working with our comfort zones in yoga – trying to go a little bit deeper, a little bit further. However, if you feel any pain in the postures, please return to a comfortable position.
  • We are not doctors. Our advice is given with good intention, yet without medical expertise. If you ask us for advise regarding your health, we might have some awesome suggestions; however, please always see your doctor for anything concerning your medical, emotional or psychological wellbeing.
  • Looking for a great Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Masseuse, Nutritionist, etc.? Feel free to ask our team for recommendations – we are more than happy to share our personal favourite places to go + people to see!

Left Something At The Cosmos

  • The Cosmos delivers all leftover items to Studio 191 where we safely store them for up to 2 weeks. To reclaim your treasure, please visit Studio 191 during class {opening} hours and mention that you left your item in The Cosmos. 
  • Due to our very small team and community-managed program, we are not able to respond to emails regarding leftover items. If you think you have left an item at one of our studios, please make your way back to the studio during our opening times + one of our team will be able to assist you. We will obviously make an exception for wedding rings – so yes, please do email us if you have left your wedding ring in one of our studios.
  • Please know that we would love to store your leftover items for longer than 2 weeks but due to storage restrictions, we deliver all leftover items that have not been collected to the local The Regenboog Groep.

Joining The Cosmos Team &

Renting Our Space 

  • We are always open to new team members however we may not always be hiring so please do not be upset if you do not receive an immediate response. However, if you’re interested in teaching at The Cosmos, please email us with your experience, availability and trainings. Please consider that all instructors must be fluent in English {as all of our classes are taught in English} and have at least 2 years of regular teaching experience. Please email us in English for a faster response. 
  • Registered disability or unemployed & looking for a community to join? Experiencing some hard times + need some friendly faces to get you through? We have a small number of Volunteer Assistant {VA} positions at The Cosmos. Please note that these positions will involve some level of studio care & the checking-in of students. 
  • Interested in renting our space, hosting an event, workshop, teacher training, etc. Please email us with the full information of your needs. Please note that we cannot cancel any classes so our availability is dependent on our existing schedule. 

Pregnant & Postnatal

  • We welcome prenatal women who have had a regular yoga practice before pregnancy. However, not all class styles are safe & effective for pregnancy so please do read the class descriptions fully before signing up for class. 
  • Our gentler class styles include: Moon Yoga, Yin Yoga and Aromatherapy Yoga (please note that the direct application some Aromatherapy oils is not beneficial for pregnancy ~ so it’s important to notify the teacher of your pregnancy before oil application.  Postnatal women are welcome to practice after 6 weeks of giving birth as long as their doctor has approved it and their health allows for it. Please take longer to recover after a Caesarean Birth. Look out for our prenatal/postnatal classes (Flow & Glow) as well as our Birth Partner Workshops.
  • Our Moon Circles, Savasana Concerts, Mindful Meditation, Sound Healings and Mind-Based Workshops and Events are all safe and beneficial for pregnant women, unless otherwise stated.