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❤︎ New Studio in Amsterdam Oost NOW OPEN ❤︎

Barre Teacher Training Program 

The first teacher training of its kind in Amsterdam


Become A Barre Instructor

An in-person 3 day Barre Instructor course with Studio 191 that will take you through barre fundamentals, building class plans, managing your barre business and much more. 

Studio 191 brings you a unique, in-person and intensive 3 day Barre Instructor Course that will elevate the way you design, teach and present your barre classes.

If you’ve been interested in teaching Barre, wondering how to find a job teaching Barre, or just want to deepen your practice of Barre, this course is for you.



02 – 04 November 2023

In this course you will…


• Gain a Barre certification from Studio 191 through modules with over 5 of our master instructors.

• Elevate the way you design, teach and present your Barre classes.

• Build a deeper understanding of Barre fundamentals.

• Learn all the essentials to safely teach Barre to prenatal and postnatal women.

• Explore the correct form + alignment of ballet and how we incorporate this into our Barre Workouts.

• Learn how to project your voice, develop personal cues for your classes and motivate your students with clear instruction and  demonstration.

• Have the opportunity to join the team at Studio 191 as a Barre instructor (for as many or as few classes as you wish to integrate into your schedule).

• Learn how to make Barre your business – whether that’s in a studio, online; in Amsterdam or further afield.

“This is my favourite space in Amsterdam!

The classes are amazing and the teachers are so talented, creative and motivating.”

Unlike other Barre teacher training courses


• Studio 191 offers a 3 day training that is 100% in person at the Studio. Not pre-recorded online.

• Training is provided by several advanced master teachers, all teaching in-house at Studio 191 Amsterdam.

• Class size is strictly limited to 14 participants.

• After our 3 day training, you will be offered ongoing support , development and contact time to achieve your goal of teaching Barre. We even give you access to our studios each week for the first month post-training to practice and to film your demo videos!

• Gain industry insight from the owner and founder of Studio 191 who joins you for the course and is available to support you throughout.

• Job opportunities at Studio 191 are available to students upon completion and after demonstrating a good level of practice, preparation and competency.

• We include a module on prenatal barre to help you safely integrate prenatal women into your regular classes.

• All trainees who complete the 3 days of training will be offered a 5 or 10 Card Card (as you wish) at 40% discounted price to encourage your ongoing self-practice and training.

We really want you to be successful

Unlike a lot of courses that aim to sign you up, train you and then send you on your way… we are looking to train and then hire our barre training graduates. You will have work opportunities right after completing this course – we want you to be successful, we want to hire you so if you are willing to put in the time and effort, we will be there to help you achieve your goal (hence why we can only offer this teacher training every 3-4 months, we dedicate time afterwards to work with trainees).

Our motivation truly extends beyond signing you up for a training course. Don’t believe us? Come take classes with our graduates from our April 2023 group who are already teaching in our studios after lots of dedicated practice time, support from our small group, post-course clinics, plus extra contact time and resources based on individual need.

On completion of the course, you will have an opportunity to join the team at Studio 191 as a Barre Instructor, and put your new skills to work

To join this training

• You should be practicing barre regularly at a good application level OR

• You are already teaching pilates, group fitness, dance or personal training OR

• You are a teacher with other backgrounds such as Yoga, Gymnastics, Reformer Pilates, etc.

In short, while this course is open to all, it is highly recommended that you practice Barre regularly OR come from a trainer background in relatable disciplines.

The realistic commitment for success

Additionally, it is important to ensure you are realistic about the commitment for this course. If your goal is to teach at the end, then this is not a “3 days and done” course – at least not for most trainees.

So what is realistic?

Well we will give you some prerequisite reading 2 weeks before the course begins – this will cover areas such as: what is barre, the history of barre, useful terminology and helpful insights into how to prepare to think like a barre instructor versus a barre student. We want to use our in-person contact time to teach you how to be an incredible instructor, not teach you what Barre is or where it came from (if you are considering becoming an instructor then we think you should already know this much in advance).  Additionally, after the 3 day course you will have access to our studios to practice and to our team to help get you ready to teach your first class.

If you are unsure of whether your level is suitable for this course or have any other concerns, drop us a message and we can support you in assessing if this course is right for you. 

More Trainers, More Knowledge, More Inspiration

Unlike many training courses that are taught by one teacher trainer on or offline, our Studio 191 Teacher Training brings you the expertise of several leading barre instructors and recognised teacher trainers in person, to bring you a wealth of experience and value to your learning.

In this Barre teacher training we will cover

Teaching Barre Fundamentals

Start the day with a Studio 191 Barre Workout (of course).

Understand range of movement and the fundamental lessons of proper form.

Breakdown some key Barre positions exploring how each should look and feel.

Understand the key terminology of barre + developing your personal cues. 

Learn our 5 step teaching method.

Find your teaching voice, let go of your inhibitions before day two.

Setting up a Studio 191 Barre class.

Origins: From Ballet to Barre Workout

Special workshop called: ‘Origins: From Ballet to Barre Workout’ where we explore the correct form + alignment of ballet and how we carry forwards this proper form into our Barre workouts.

This workshop contains both theory and practical exercises to learn how to accurately perform ballet exercises and then transform those exercises into safe, effective Barre Workout moves. 

Understand the common mistakes occurring in many barre workout classes and how to use correct form and alignment to teach high quality barre – as a workout with cues that are viable to everyone, even without any ballet knowledge. 

By the end of this module, you’ll be able to teach your first few barre exercises by cueing proper form whilst using non-ballet verbal cues that your whole class will be able to follow. 

Deeper Barre Anatomy & Physiology

We’ll take a deeper look at how our bodies move and function in relation to Barre in our ‘Deeper Barre Anatomy & Physiology’ module.

Learn the correct terminology to use when teaching barre-specific exercises and ranges of movement. Understand the reasons why we give certain cues – know the purpose behind what you are asking students to do. 

Learn how to manually and verbally adjust students with confidence through understanding how the body moves when performing barre exercises & using accurate terminology to guide them.

Get ready to learn the theory, feel it for yourself and then apply your learnings with a fellow training student. This module will give you the chance to teach several barre exercises with proper form, accurate cueing and also to provide adjustments.

This module will be split into two parts over two days to allow you to gain a deeper understanding and plenty of practical time to apply it to your teaching. 

Prenatal Fundamentals

We’ll learn all the essentials to safely integrate prenatal and postnatal women in our ‘Prenatal Fundamentals’ module.

Learn what contraindications exist for pregnancy women at the barre – and what safe alternatives you can recommend in every range of movement.

Learn how to safely assess and set up a class using a simple, proven technique. 

Understand the benefit of props and the barre when working with prenatal guests in your classes. 

This course will be practical, hands-on and a great asset to all teachers even beyond the barre. You will work in small groups to practice assessment, safe guidance and providing safe alternatives whilst teaching. 

Musicality & Method

This module comes back to our 5 step method for teachers – here is your chance to really hone your skills and apply everything you have already learnt…to the beat of the music.

Learn proven methods in how to successfully teach classes without doing every repetition and constantly counting out loud to the class. We will help you teach on the beat, to make space in your teaching to leave the barre to adjust and assist your students.

This module will also look at how to select music for your classes, finding the beat, choosing which exercises to select for various music styles and how to teach on the beat.

A key feature of this module will be to learn our 5 step barre teaching method – how to teach in a structure that will have students moving to the beat even after you (the teacher) have left the barre. Get ready to teach each other using the beat of the music in this module!

Props, Props, Props

Studio 191 Barre classes love props and so our training includes a full module on “how and why” for each prop (as well as any contraindications you need to know).

We’ll look at how to integrate the following into your barre classes: inflatable barre balls, resistance bands, Bala power rings, Bala ankle/wrist bangles, core sliders, pilates rings, 1kg dumbbells and blocks. 

This module is full of fun challenges – tasks that we set up for you to practice implementing props into barre exercises and to learn how to apply new cues to your classes (when using props). There will be a lot of time to practice teaching in this module.


Creating Choreography & Presentation Skills

Learn the art of a well designed, well balanced barre workout with tools and templates that support you in quickly and effectively designing classes that can be easily adapted, remixed and spiced up.

Find out more about the resources and inspirations of many Studio 191 Barre Instructors in sourcing, creating and designing their class choreography.

Learn how to cue clearly, project your voice, use language that all students will understand, use intonation, gesture and more for successful class presentation.

This module will also include how to approach regressions and progressions – how to create, demonstrate and motivate effectively. 

You will understand how to use your voice and various types of cues effectively by the end of this module. Get ready to practice presenting a fun barre sequence choreographed by our master instructor – taught to you and then by you!

Business of Barre

Prepare to receive practical tips and guidance on how to use this course (and beyond) to set yourself up with a successful barre business. From getting set up to preparing your CV and demo video, to what studios are looking for to the power of your social presence and beyond – this course will give you all the insights. 

This course also leaves space for group Q+A as well as contact time to ask any specific questions you may have one-to-one.

“The experience was well organized and very welcoming. It felt like a safe space to learn, try new things and explore with new friends. I can genuinely say that I gained a wealth of knowledge.”

Kelsey Price, Studio 191 Barre Teacher Training Graduate (April 2023)

23 hours of in person training over 3 days at Studio 191 West

Day 1


09:00 – 13:00 Teaching Barre Fundamentals
13:00 – 13:45 Lunch 
13:45 – 16:00 Teaching Barre Fundamentals

Day 2


09:00 – 12.00 Origins From Ballet To Barre Workout
12:00 – 13:00 Lunch
13:00 – 15:00 Deeper Barre Anatomy & Physiology
15:00 – 17:00 Musicality & Method 

Day 3


09:00 -11:00 Prenatal Fundamentals
11:00 – 13:00 Creating Choreography & Presentation Skills
13:00 – 13:30
 Lunch (30 mins)
13:30 – 14:00 Business of Barre (free to eat lunch during this session)
14:00 – 17:00 Props, Props, Props  (& Let’s Teach)

“The teachers are great – super professional, pushes you to your limits! Always radiating positive vibes”

Pricing and Application 

Apply For Our BarreTeacher Training


Early Bird


available until 16 June



available until 01 August or course full

A 50% deposit is required to resever your space on the course. The remaining 50% will be due 2 weeks prior to course start date.

Frequently Asked Questions   



Can I get a job on completion of this course?

YES! Studio 191 will be looking to hire teachers from this teacher training to teach at our studios across Amsterdam.

Will there be breaks/lunch breaks during the day’s sessions?

Yes there will be lunch breaks and other short breaks available through the days. 

What happens if I do not pass the assessment?

Don’t worry, you will be supported in next steps to come back and try again.

Where will training be held?

Sessions will be run at Studio 191 West.

What happens if I need to cancel?

The deposit is non refundable but you will have the option to join the next course [which course will depend on available space].

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes for both early bird and regular pricing, we can arrange a 50% deposit followed by the other 50% to be paid 2 weeks prior to the course start date. Our early bird tickets will save 99 EUR.

What do I need to bring?
  • Writing materials
  • Comfortable clothing, warm socks and a jumper (for theory sections of the course)
  • Smartphone ipad or laptop to access digital training worksheets & articles
I don’t have a device suitable to view the digital training manual.

No problem, let us know and we can send you the manual ahead of time so you can print it out.


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