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High Reps. Low Impact 

Meet Studio 191’s Barre workouts; whether it’s Barre Burn, Barre Booty, Barre Cardio, Barre Core or Latin Barre – get ready for a strong, energising, super toning workout designed to work all those muscles that create ultra definition. Our barre workouts are known in Amsterdam for delivering incredible results whilst having tons of fun.

Looking for somewhere to start? We actually recommend all of our classes for beginners, with the exception of Barre Burn as it’s our toughest barre workout. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Whichever barre workout you choose, get ready to rock your own world.

Barre Classes

Barre Classes at Studio 191

Barre Burn

Our toughest barre class with extra time at the barre, more challenging moves, longer lasting repetitions and a high tempo, body burning, barre workout (uses: resistance bands, hand weights, balls).

Love challenging your body to the max + getting rapid results? This is the one for you.

Teacher demonstrates a pose for Latin Barre classes at Studio 191 Amsterdam.

Barre Booty

Love our Barre Workouts? Well you’re really going to love Barre Booty!

This class is going to whip that butt into shape right in time for bikini season. Get on board for some booty-bustin’ moves + some bad ass tunes {excuse the pun}


Barre Cardio

Our most upbeat, energising and heart-pumping barre workout – meet Barre Cardio.

This full body-shaking, sweat inducing class is designed to keep you moving. Time will fly by in this fun, high tempo, body sculpting, calorie burning and unquestionably effective full-body workout both on and off the barre. Raring to go? Don’t miss this perfect combination of micro barre isometric deliciousness fused together with big macro juiciness!

This class is not suitable for Prenatal women.

Barre Core (Barre + Pilates Fusion)

Meet Barre Core – the perfect Barre and Core (Pilates) fusion workout. If you already love our Pilates-based Core classes and appreciate a strong Barre workout, then you’re going to love this combination!

This challenging 50 minute workout has Pilates at its core – get ready to focus on the pelvic floor, back, abdominals, inter-coastal muscles & hips. Basically everything from your nips to your hips. Bring in the Barre work and you have a full body workout – more advanced than most of our Barre classes (with the exception of Barre Burn) with maximum results and a high use of props such as Bala Bangles, Pilates Rings, Core Sliders & Dumbbells.

This class is not suitable for Prenatal women.

Soon to be mum practicing yoga at a Mamas class at Studio 191.

Prenatal Postnatal Barre

• All women are welcome.
• Class designed for pregnancy and postpartum phase.
• If you’d like to bring your baby to class please select instead our ‘Baby + Me’ classes.

In our Prenatal + Postnatal Barre class we use the ballet barre, resistance bands, toning pilates mat work and lightweight balls to create isometric movements that will assist you in safely continuing your workouts or getting back in shape quicker than any other class.

We combine deeply safe stretching & strengthening postures to keep your body in good shape and your energy levels high. If you’re missing your regular Barre practice then this class is for you. A great workout in a safe, effective manner, fit for your body’s changing needs.


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