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We are open 7 days per week during our class schedule times.

Fancy stopping by? You can always check-out our live, most-up-to-date class schedule online for both our De Pijp & West Studios; as well as for The Cosmos – our Yoga & Wellbeing Studio.

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The email addresses adjacent are cared for by our small, community-based team – so please give us some time to respond. We’re excited to hear from you.

For general enquiries, please look to our FAQ page – which we frequently update based on questions we receive via email. Have a question that is not currently answered on our FAQs? Have a more personal question pertaining to your membership?

Email us via the adjacent contact options.

Pssst… Fancy joining the team? We post our Career Openings below. No openings right now? Please keep an eye on our Instagram & Facebook page for announcements





Want to cancel your membership? That’s no problem. Please cancel at least 7 days before your membership is automatically renewed. For our ‘Unlimited Membership, please note that cancellations are only possible after the third month. To cancel, please send an email to: You’ll get a confirmation once we’ve processed your cancellation.

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Interested in joining the Studio 191 Team as a Host, Manager or Teacher?

We regularly share our openings on instagram, so please follow us: @studio_191 and @thecosmos_yw

Spot a position you love? Tell us about yourself, your goals and your practice + we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible. Please consider that all team members {particularly our Teachers} must be fluent in English as all of our classes are taught in English.

For Barre, Pilates, HIIT and Fitness Teachers, please note that although we do offer some in-house training, we prefer a minimum of 2 years certified experience as a Pilates/Fitness/HIIT Instructor, Dance Instructor or Personal Trainer. Please include any studios you currently teach at, your availability to teach and the class styles you are interested in {based on our schedule at Studio 191}. 

For Yoga Teachers, please note that we have less openings for Yoga but will read + reply to your applications as spaces open up on The Cosmos team. Please include any studio’s you currently teach at, your availability to teach and the class styles you are interested in {based on our schedule at The Cosmos}. 

To join our Karma Exchange Program as a Volunteer Host {VH}, please note that we ask for 4 hours of Hosting per week in exchange for classes. This is a regular shift with a 4 month minimum commitment. To apply, please send us an email introducing yourself, your interests, your preferred studio location to host in and your schedule of availability. More information on the hosting role, commitment and available openings will be sent to you upon receiving the above information.

We rarely recruit for Team Leaders and Management Roles and often recruit these positions internally via our Karma Exchange Volunteer Hosts. However, please do email us your CV and area of interest if you would like to take on a Management Position with our brand. 

Please note that all our classes are taught in English + therefore we ask for your application in English too.

Interested? Fit one of the descriptions listed above? Shoot an email to: