With over 180 classes per week in Barre, Core & Sculpt we’ll make sure your workout never becomes boring.

With teachers from all over the world (all teaching our classes in English) get ready to experience a creative, vibrant + authentic team, ready to welcome you!


Core Concepts





Meet Studio 191’s Barre workouts; whether it’s Barre Burn, Barre + Beats, Barre Booty, Barre Core or Hot Barre – get ready for a strong, energising, super toning workout designed to work all those muscles that create ultra definition. Our barre workouts are known in Amsterdam for delivering incredible results whilst having tons of fun.

Looking for somewhere to start? We actually recommend all of our classes for beginners, with the exception of Barre Burn as it’s our toughest barre workout. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Prefer a high energy vibe with a more aerobic aspect, then give Barre + Beats a twirl. It’s going to give you that extra upbeat workout for more heart-pumping juiciness both on and off the barre. If Jane Fonda did Barre, you bet she’d be here.

Ready to work that ass? Then you know our Hip Hop infused Barre Booty is for you. The mat sections of these workouts are so booty focused you’ll be looking peachy in no time!

Love to work that core? Love using props in classes? Then Barre Core is for you. We go all out on the props in this class, from Bala’s weighted wrist/ankle Bangles to their weighted Power Rings, you can see the difference it makes to add weight, resistance and some badass extra alignment techniques your barre workouts.

Like it hot? We got you covered with Hot Barre – a 50 minute barre class in an infrared heated space. Our studios use natural solar heating with state of the art panels combined with the best ventilation and air purifying system on the market. Plus, there’s no extra humidity added to our Sun Room so you’ll be working out in a dry heat so sweet you’ll think you’re in Palm Springs, baby.

Whichever barre workout you choose, get ready to rock your own world.


Meet Core Concepts – a fun and flirty take on your toughest core workout. This 60 minute all-out session is designed to target all the full torso. You’ll feel all of those abdominal muscles using our multidisciplinary approach – that means moves taken from Pilates, Functional Fitness, Yoga, Capoeira, HIIT, Surf, Yoga.

Whatever it takes, we strengthen, tone, realign and tighten the full torso with maximum fun and efficiency. From the back to the side body to those hard-to-reach lower abdominal muscles, we won’t leave a muscle-group unturned and unworked.

Our Core Concepts classes integrate Bala’s weighted wrist/ankle Bangles and weighted Power Rings into every class. Designed to take your workouts to the next level, you’ll be guided in how to apply these amazing props to intensify your workout and get the most out from your time with us.

Never tried Core Sliders? These incredibly innocent looking sliding floor discs are going to take your core workout to a whole new level; used in every Core Concepts class – get ready to sweat as we turn the heat up!

We’ll be working those killer ab moves, breathing through that long hold and fighting with a smile through those repetitions as we rock out to some upbeat tunes, keeping the vibes high!


Meet Sculpt – our contemporary take on the old school “legs, bums n tums”. However, we’re more “arms, ass and abs” chicks ourselves and so we’ve refined the workouts but kept the vibes high for this 60 minute full body conditioning workout designed to sculpt, hone and tone every inch.

Focus on time-under-tension training, which isolates specific muscle groups that don’t normally get much attention. Improve posture, alignment and mobility. Each exercise is performed at different tempo variations which will enable full muscle fibre recruitment to help strengthen the muscle and improve range of movement.

With innovative sequences designed to exhaust the muscles in a way that does not create bulk. Both the larger and the smaller supporting muscle groups will be worked in the class, ensuring a well-balanced, supple and strong body.

Oh and that pelvic floor, oh yeah that’s getting worked too. Don’t forget to connect your true powerhouse in this workout with attention to those finer muscles. Don’t believe us? Give it a try.


New to Studio 191 West in early 2023 is our Reformer Pilates studio. With 8 beautifully minimalistic Allegro 2 reformers and guidance from some of the Amsterdam’s best Reformer Pilates instructors, get ready to reform the Studio 191 way.

A contemporary approach to Joseph Pilates’ classical principles, these reformer equipment based classes are designed to deliver next level results. We’ll guide your through effective, efficient and dynamic routines in a safe, correct and supportive approach that is still upbeat and motivational (akin to our other S191 workouts) with plenty of time to get the movements and alignment right. 

As with all of our S191 classes, we love to integrate props into our workouts. Our Reformer classes are no different – get ready to use the highest quality padded jump-boards and moon box lite sitting boxes from Balanced Body, alongside pilates rings, dumbbells and more. 

Our classes are flowing and each transition is done safely with plenty of space and time to adapt your body into the correct position before moving. With a strong, detailed and intentionally designed class program, you will experience all the vibes, all the benefits and all the results whilst still being safe and mindful.

So what can you expect to feel? The detailed, controlled and resistance-based movements in this class improves flexibility, builds strength, develops control throughout your body; whilst our up-tempo sequences are designed to boost cardiovascular health and create moments of challenging endurance – always safely. Emphasis is on alignment, breathing, developing a strong core, and improving coordination and balance.

Allegro 2 reformers create the most balanced and efficient resistance training in the world. Prepare for a full body pilates workout for a stronger, sculpted and more aligned body and mind with Studio 191 and our team of certified, highly trained, professional Reformer Pilates instructors. 


For our Prenatal and Postnatal mamas, we have you covered. With over 10 weekly Prenatal & Postnatal classes spread between our West and De Pijp locations, we bring you energising, effective and nurturing classes specially designed for your evolving bodies and minds.

Did you know that you can even choose to bring your baby to our Baby + Me classes?

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