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Studio 191 & The Cosmos  ~ Important

> Smaller classes with 1,5m distancing between mats/at the barre. We provide mats & sanitising solution but if you wish to bring your own mat, that’s absolutely fine. 

> Attending a Yoga class? Please bring a pillowcase, blanket and/or a large towel to be able to use our cushions & bolsters in classes. 

>  Hand Sanitising Stations throughout our studios – please clean your hands upon entering the building & again before entering the practice rooms. We supply the sanitisation solutions, we just ask that you use them. 

>  Dedicated Props & Mat Cleaning Supplies placed next to each mat [so no need to crowd around the props cupboards] – upon entering the practice room, please go directly to your chosen mat. 

>  Enhanced air flow & ventilation systems – designed to clarify & circulate the air for high intensity trainings. These systems have been calculated to cleanse the air for the number of cubic square metres per our studio spaces. They have been professionally installed and are checked & maintained regularly, with frequent filter changes as needed. 

>  Arrows to guide you in a clear flow around the space – please be mindful of others when moving around the studio spaces. 

>  Our team is trained to clean & sanitise the common spaces during classes for extra sanitisation. We also have professional cleaners who visit us during closing hours to ensure deep cleans are performed with the upmost attention. 

>  Big friendly, welcoming smiles ~ not only are they safe, they’re also good for your wellbeing!

welcome to studio 191 & the cosmos 

Studio 191 is a Movement and Lifestyle boutique studio based in both of Amsterdam’s De Pijp and West neighbourhoods. Our community-based studio brings you over 165 weekly classes in Barre, Pilates, Hiit, Core Concepts, Surf and contemporary Yoga. 

The Cosmos is a Yoga and Wellbeing studio based in Amsterdam’s West neighbourhood. Our beautiful, eclectic studio holds space for over 45 diverse yoga practices based around Moon Phases, Chakras, Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Restorative Yin and both creative and traditional styles of Vinyasa Flow. 


Tell me more,

you say?

Curious to find out more about our classes? Check out our classes and  The Cosmos for juicy descriptions of all our class styles.

Have a tight schedule? We have classes all day long and with over 150 weekly classes, 7 days per week, roughly 360 days of the year… we hope there’s plenty of options for everyone. Take a look at our most up-to-date Schedule.

Have a question? We’re ready for you. Check out or helpful FAQ page ~ especially if you’re visiting us for the first time. 

All of our Class Cards & Memberships are designed for maximum flexibility and welcome you to practice across all of our Studio 191 & The Cosmos locations…



Studio 191 De Pijp is our very first studio and a community that brings everyone together for a wide range of our most popular classes.

Enjoy Barre Workouts, Power Pilates, Core Concepts, Hiit Training, ~ as well as many of the blissful Yoga practises found at The Cosmos. Whether you’re an eclectic yogi, a hardcore fitness fan or a bit of both ~ in this studio, you can have it all.

Join a community that sweats together, vibes as a collective and supports one another’s uniqueness no matter how you arrive on the mat.

Everybody is welcome.



Studio 191 De West is our second and largest studio and a community that not only moves and grooves together ~ but also learns and thrives with one another.

Our large living room creates space to meet new friends and old ones too; as well as experience mind-based workshops, lifestyle events and group-coaching sessions.

You’ll find all our much-loved movement classes ranging from Barre, Power Pilates, Core Concepts, Hiit and some more sports-focused Yoga classes. In this studio, we also have our Surf sessions ~ not to be missed.

Everyone is welcome.



The Cosmos is the latest edition to our boutique studio collective. As with Studio 191, this studio is deeply focused on community and connection ~ yet The Cosmos brings Yoga and Wellbeing practices that connect you to the moon, the sun, the cosmos.

Our home for Yoga and Wellbeing, experience practices that are unique, diverse and evolving. Through our knowledge and connection to the Moon phases, Cosmic alignments, Chakra energy centres, Aromatherapy, Ayurveda and traditional yogic teachings, we take our practices to the next level of feeling and understanding. Every soul is welcome.

PRicing options to suit your lifestyle

Our pricing system is varied, leaving you with several options to suit your lifestyle.

Here are some of our most popular packages, however we do have more to explore.

Looking for an Unlimited Membership? Or perhaps a more flexible membership that you can cancel anytime? Interested in purchasing a Gift Card?

Single Class 


1 Class

30 Days to Use

Activates on date of purchase

A great way to drop by or try out a specific class with full flexibility and no commitments

Can be used at any of our Studio 191 & The Cosmos classes and locations

5 Class Card


5 Classes

60 days to use

Activates on the date of purchase

Valid for All Classes

Can be used at any of our Studio 191 & The Cosmos classes and locations 

10 Classes


10 Classes

90 Days to Use

Activates on date of purchase 

We also offer a 5 Class Card {please see our Full Price List} with similar benefits

Can be used at any of our Studio 191 & The Cosmos classes and locations 

Our beautiful studios

With locations in both Amsterdam’s De Pijp + Oud West neighbourhoods, Studio 191 brings you beautiful, relaxed, green spaces where community can grow + flourish, minds can meet + connect and bodies can transform + express themselves.

Did you know that we also have a Yoga Studio in Amsterdam? Check out The Cosmos Yoga & Wellbeing