Studio 191

Boutique Barre, Core & Sculpting Studio

Studio 191 is a boutique Barre, Core & Sculpting Studio based in both of Amsterdam’s De Pijp and West neighbourhoods. Our community-based studio brings you over 180 weekly Barre, Core Concepts & Sculpt classes. 

At the Studio 191 West Studio you will also find the temperature rising in our Hot Barre, Hot Pilates and Hot Fusion classes. 

We also have hundreds of on demand classes online so you can join the workouts from home or anywhere life takes you.

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Classes at Studio 191

Curious to find out more about our Barre, Core & Sculpting classes? Perhaps you’re interested in taking hot classes? Check out our classes for full class descriptions, as well as our sister studio, The Cosmos for daily Yoga practices, Pilates workouts, Pop Up events, Teacher Trainings, Treatments and Retreats.

Have a tight schedule? We have classes all day long and with over 180 weekly classes, 7 days per week, roughly 360 days of the year… we hope there’s plenty of options for everyone. Take a look at our most up-to-date Schedule.


Core Concepts




The OG

Studio 191 De Pijp

Studio 191 De Pijp is our very first studio and a community that brings everyone together for all our favourite Barre, Core and Sculpting classes.

Whether you’re into our Hip Hop inspired ‘Barre Booty workout, an upbeat aerobic ‘Barre + Beats’ or the toughest barre workout in town, Barre Burn’, we’ve got you covered. And even though we are most known for our Barre classes. don’t miss our heart-pumping, tune-loving, old school ‘Sculpt’ class & our hardcore ‘Core Concepts’ workout.

Join a community that sweats together, vibes as a collective and supports one another’s uniqueness no matter how you arrive on the mat

Bigger, Hotter

Studio 191 West

Studio 191 De West is our second studio and a community that not only moves and grooves together ~ but also learns and thrives with one another.

Our large living room creates space to meet new friends and old ones too; as well as experience mind-based workshops, lifestyle events and group-coaching sessions.

You’ll find all our much-loved Barre, Core Concepts and Sculpt classes here – as well as our Hot Studio, the Sun Room. Enjoy Hot Barre at this studio only, followed by a lovely shower in our large changing rooms, followed by a complimentary tea in our studio’s vibrant living room.

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