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Flexible | All Studios 

Studio 191 & The Cosmos is a fun, dynamic and community-driven organisation that brings beautiful spaces, inspiring events & great classes to the people of Amsterdam. We strive to express ourselves through motivating, playful and  educational content that speaks to our community – so it’s not surprising that we are looking for a badass content marketing intern to join our team!


A creative, self-driven, skilful, organised and dedicated intern that can create + share beautiful content – someone that knows and loves our brand, classes and ethos.

If you’re interested in creating content that brings people together both on and off the mat this could be for you. If you’re looking for fun work experience that is both challenging and supportive, this could be for you!

We are looking for someone that is available 3 to 5 days per week, for a 6-month period. We’re open to discuss combining this internship with writing an assignment or doing research at/for Studio 191 & The Cosmos.

Please note that this role requires native English speakers.


Through content creation and online sharing, you will be supporting our founder + marketing agency to build our growing brands: Studio 191 {2 studios} and The Cosmos {first studio just opened this March 2019}; as well as our Retreats and Teacher Training Programs.

You will be responsible for:

> creating interesting + creative content {more specifics on this below} in all forms.

> designing + updating a marketing content calendar.

> organising + coordinating photo and video shoots.

> creating Facebook events and beautiful visuals to support it.

> creating content/posts for Instagram + Facebook.

> managing our Pinterest boards + Spotify accounts {studio playlists}

> creating blog posts through interviews with community movers + shakers and writing articles that relevant to the brand and community needs.

> indesign or photoshop skills are a bonus as would expand your potential to create amazing content and on-brand design.


A fun, inspiring place to create and work alongside knowledgable and enthusiastic colleagues. The experience of working on several brands simultaneously where you can build a portfolio and expand your skillset. As there is a lot of independence  + diversity within this role, you will get to experience life as a content marketeer – working on a new content strategy, content design and execution and watch the community + business grow thanks to your energy, drive and skill.

You will be given access to all classes and workshops complimentary for the duration of your internship. Remuneration: €250,- (based on a full-time placement). We’re open to discuss combining this internship with writing an assignment or doing research at/for Studio 191 & The Cosmos.


Feeling inspired and motivated, and you want to help us out?

Please send your resume, working availability + start date, plus a short motivation letter to: 


 Flexible | All Studios 

Diverse skillset? Community focused? Marketing savvy at the ready? Content Creation is your jam? Organised? Hands-on and ready to get stuck in to all aspects of the daily business? Communication queen/king?

 We’re looking for a new member to enhance both our internal [our team] and external [our guests] communities! This role blends Marketing, Guest Experience and Studio Management [with degrees of adaptability to your interests and studies]. Let us tell you more…

With a key focus on Guest Experience, we are looking for someone who is confident and hungry to be an ambassador for the brand and a mama to the community. Sample tasks include: In-person guest care, Proactive email outreach, Running reports and spotting trends, Requesting guest feedback, Organising community events to bring our community together. We’re looking for someone who wants to build, manage and accelerate a community. 

 Another key focus of this role is Marketing – we are looking for someone who is savvy with: key social media platforms, Mailchimp, content creation/editing apps, native [could-be-native] english writing skills, basic in-design and/or photoshop skills. Sample tasks include: content creation and posting on Social Media platforms, creating banners for Facebook Events, editing basic studio promotional materials [such as posters, tote bag designs, etc.] and Newsletters.  We’re looking for someone who is passionate and driven to promote and express our brand, our offerings and our community. 

This is a 50/50 desk to studio role – however your desk would be based out of our West studio, amidst the action of our largest studio. Get ready to experience all parts of the business from hosting to guest experience, from planning community events to marketing our classes, retreats, workshops and teacher trainings. 

If you love a diverse work life in a high-energy setting, like to plan and execute positive change + create community on every level…this may be the internship for you. 

Please keep reading for more information. To keep the process wholesome, please only apply if you see a genuine fit for this role. 


 > Internship in Marketing, Events, Business, Communications, PR or Sales. 

> Those high level communicators – both on and offline. You love bringing people together and seeing events and experiences come to life thanks to your input. 

> Those willing to work one 6-7 hour shift every weekend [we are open both on Saturday and Sunday]

> Those who are energetic, active, hands-on, team player and have an ownership-approach. 

> Those who are as comfortable working with Whatsapp as they are with Marketing Calendars in Excel.  

> Those who love creating and positioning content online. This means you know the brand, have a great tone-of-voice and know how our guests think and engage both on and offline. 

> Those who are happy to work a combination of mornings, evenings and weekends hours [our opening hours basically]. Note that this role have Team Leading hours which are around 14-15 per week and split between West and De Pijp Studios, as well as “office” hours that are based from our West Lounge [hardly an office, ay!] 

>  Those who are happy to be part of the business and community on every level – hosting, talking to guests, asking questions, finding solutions, spreading the word, planning experiences and events, etc. 

> Those who have a detailed-eye for the studio space and a deep understanding of the brand, it’s mission and goals.  You are a forward planner, reliable, punctual, self-motivated and have high-integrity.

> Creating marketing content and sharing it is always on your mind. 



  • You arrive at the studio for a morning Barre Booty class before your Host shift begins. The teacher arrives and you take a moment to snap a few photos of her and ask a few questions to action as content for your daily social media posts and stories. After class, you chat to the guests and get their feedback on the classes and studio. You are engaging and friendly but you’re also storing away all that delicious feedback. You take a moment to go over your marketing schedule for the day and post your first story on Instagram and Facebook. 
  • Starting your host shift, you set some goals. During your time in the studio – where can you add the most value? Which teachers will you be able to interact with? When will you have chance to chat with guests before/after classes? Looking around the studio, you spot some areas that need attention and get on it, making the place look and feel beautiful, maybe setting up a nice photo opportunity in the midst of it. 
  • Guests start to arrive for class and you’re welcoming them, checking them in and spreading the word about our upcoming workshop/retreat/training. They all head into class and you find a quiet moment to send some emails, tidy the studio, post on the studio’s instagram or reach out to a potential influencer. 
  • The next Host arrives to take over but you still have 2 hours left of your shift so you set-up office in the West studio lounge and begin to get juicy with planning community events, writing newsletters, sending a mailshot or emailing guests to request feedback. Maybe someone’s emailed us about renting the space and so we send them over a friendly reply [you’re tone of voice is so on brand and the guests always feel our warmth] with all the info they need to take the next steps. 
  • You finish your shift after a productive day and head off into the Amsterdam sunset/rise [could be either or neither]. The work is done but you’re always looking for great content, inspiration and community improvement strategies. 

Please note the above is just a sample, every day is often quite different and we are looking for someone who is highly productive but who can effectively manage their schedule and time to get results. 


> E-mail your CV along with an email explaining how your experience checks the requirements expressed above. Please include your earliest start date availability, your phone number and your availability for working hours. If you have social media sites, a website, examples of MailChimp newsletters, a blog, etc. then we would love to see some of that! 

> If there’s a fit, we will ask for a phone call within 24 hours. If that’s successful for us both, we will arrange a kombucha/tea/coffee/green juice date + interview. 




TEAM LEADER [rolling applications]

20-25 Hours Per Week  

We’re always on the lookout for cool, calm and collected Team Leaders to run our growing collection of studios. With a focus on operations, communication and planning – this role is about making our studio flow optimally and blissfully.

This is not a desk job [although there are planning + communication based tasks that do involve a screen] – this is a role that is on the ground [AKA in the studio] creating and managing a knowledgable + motivated Host Team, caring for the studio location and enhancing our guests’ experience.

If you love Operations but are too sociable to sit behind a desk, if you love being active and caring for spaces + team members, if you enjoy bringing a plan together and making sure the wheels are turning beautifully…this role could be for you.


> Those high level communicators – both online and with people.

> Those who love Organisation & Operations [scheduling, purchasing, planning maintenance, tracking deliveries, planning team events].

> Those who are looking for a proactive, not-behind-a-desk, action-packed role.

> Those with a background in Operations and/or Hospitality.

> Those who are happy to work a combination of mornings, evenings and weekends hours [our opening hours basically]

>  Those who learn fast and know how to train + motivate others.

> Those who love Yoga & Fitness.


– Arrives to the studio ready to care for the space, check what needs purchasing, log any deliveries and hit-up the maintenance man to fix any issues [rare, luckily]

– Gets the vibe going with some music, candles, tea and incense. Checks the space looks ready for our guests.

– Welcomes the teacher + guests, checks everyone in and then the class begins. This is now the time to get through some tasks: planning the host schedule, training new hosts, responding to emails + Whatsapp messages from your teammates and organising the stock in our storage cupboards.

– You notice that some tasks around the studio are not really being done by our host team so you send out a sweet reminder to your team. You also plan a team social gathering every 4-5 weeks to keep the community vibes going.

– The class finishes and we’re checking in with our guests to see how they found the class. Maybe the teacher also requests that we order some new props or asks you a question about the space.

– The shift is coming to a close and so you login to our planning portal where you note your own hours + tasks from the day. As you leave the studio, you check that everything is in place + ready to go for the next person.

– Several hours later, you get a message from a sick host so you assist them with finding cover amongst the team. You incentivise, motivate and rally your team mates to step-in. Solution found, crisis averted hehe.



  • You have a passion for operations, planning, customer service and team leading.
  • You have a detailed-eye for the studio space.
  • You can deliver an exceptional experience for our guests + host team – communication is your superpower.
  • You are not worried about using Whatsapp for work or being ‘on call’ for emergencies.
  • You acknowledge the importance of accountability and responsibility within your role. You are not afraid to make decisions. You are reliable + punctual, self-motivated and solution-focused.
  • Available to work shifts during our industry’s required timeframes – mornings, evenings and weekends [a combination]
  • Applicants are a minimum of 18 years of age. High school diploma or GED preferred. Hospitality and/or Management experience/studies are a bonus.



We regularly share our openings on instagram, so please follow us: @studio_191 and @thecosmos_yw

Spot a position you love? Tell us about yourself, your goals and your practice + we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible. Please consider that all team members {particularly our Teachers} must be fluent in English as all of our classes are taught in English.

For Barre, Pilates, HIIT and Fitness Teachers, please note that although we do offer some in-house training, we prefer a minimum of 2 years certified experience as a Pilates/Fitness/HIIT Instructor, Dance Instructor or Personal Trainer. Please include any studios you currently teach at, your availability to teach and the class styles you are interested in {based on our schedule at Studio 191}. 

For Yoga Teachers, please note that we have less openings for Yoga but will read + reply to your applications as spaces open up on The Cosmos team. Please include any studio’s you currently teach at, your availability to teach and the class styles you are interested in {based on our schedule at The Cosmos}. 

Please note that all our classes are taught in English + therefore we ask for  your application in English too.


To join our Karma Exchange Program as a Volunteer Host {VH}, please note that we ask for 4 hours of Hosting per week in exchange for classes. This is a regular shift with a 4 month minimum commitment.

To apply, please send us an email introducing yourself, your interests, your preferred studio location to host in and your schedule of availability. More information on the hosting role, commitment and available openings will be sent to you upon receiving the above information.

We rarely recruit for Team Leaders and Management Roles and often recruit these positions internally via our Karma Exchange Volunteer Hosts. However, please do email us your CV and area of interest if you would like to take on a Management Position with our brand.

Please note that all our work is done in English + therefore we ask for your application in English too.