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We regularly share our openings on instagram, so please follow us: @studio_191 and @thecosmos_yw

Spot a position you love? Tell us about yourself, your goals and your practice + we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible. Please consider that all team members {particularly our Teachers} must be fluent in English as all of our classes are taught in English.

For Barre, Pilates, HIIT and Fitness Teachers, please note that although we do offer some in-house training, we prefer a minimum of 2 years certified experience as a Pilates/Fitness/HIIT Instructor, Dance Instructor or Personal Trainer. Please include any studios you currently teach at, your availability to teach and the class styles you are interested in {based on our schedule at Studio 191}. 

For Yoga Teachers, please note that we have less openings for Yoga but will read + reply to your applications as spaces open up on The Cosmos team. Please include any studio’s you currently teach at, your availability to teach and the class styles you are interested in {based on our schedule at The Cosmos}. 

Please note that all our classes are taught in English + therefore we ask for  your application in English too.


To join our Karma Exchange Program as a Volunteer Host {VH}, please note that we ask for 4 hours of Hosting per week in exchange for classes. This is a regular shift with a 4 month minimum commitment.

To apply, please send us an email introducing yourself, your interests, your preferred studio location to host in and your schedule of availability. More information on the hosting role, commitment and available openings will be sent to you upon receiving the above information.

We rarely recruit for Team Leaders and Management Roles and often recruit these positions internally via our Karma Exchange Volunteer Hosts. However, please do email us your CV and area of interest if you would like to take on a Management Position with our brand.

Please note that all our work is done in English + therefore we ask for your application in English too.


Part Time and Full Time Positions | Hiring Currently Paused 

We’re looking for cool, calm and collected Team Leaders to run our growing collection of studios. With a focus on operations, communication and planning – this role is about making our studio flow optimally and blissfully.

This is not a desk job [although there are planning + communication based tasks that do involve a screen] – this is a role that is heavily on the ground [AKA in the studio] creating and managing a knowledgable + motivated Host Team, problem solving, caring for the studio location and enhancing our guests’ experience.

If you love Operations but are too sociable to sit behind a desk, if you love being active and caring for spaces + team members, if you enjoy bringing a plan together and making sure the wheels are turning beautifully…this role could be for you.


> Those high level communicators – both online and with people.

> Those who love Organisation & Operations [scheduling, purchasing, planning maintenance, tracking deliveries, organising spaces and streamlining processes].

> Those who are looking for a proactive, not-behind-a-desk, action-packed role. You are driven by results and solutions. 

> Those with a background in Operations and/or Hospitality, are used to thinking on their feet, finding smart solutions, getting things done – all whilst looking as cool as a cucumber!

> Those who are happy to work a combination of mornings, evenings and weekends hours [our opening hours basically] and has a flexible schedule. 

>  Those who learn fast and know how to train + motivate others. This is a core part of the role. 

> Those who are professional and understand they are representing the studio brand within this role. 


– You arrive at the studio ready to: care for the space, check what needs purchasing, log any deliveries and hit-up the maintenance man to fix any issues. You have a plan for your working hours but are able to adapt when new priorities arise. 

– You walk through the opening tasks and get the vibe going with some music, candles, tea and incense. You check that the space looks ready for our guests and enjoy giving them a friendly welcome and farewell. 

– You check-in our guests for class and then the class begins. This is now the time to get through some tasks: planning the host schedule, training new hosts, responding to emails + the backlog of Whatsapp messages from your teammates and organising the stock in the storage cupboards.

– You notice that some tasks around the studio are not really being done by our host team so you send out a sweet reminder to your team educating them. This is just one of the ways you lead the team – you also plan a team social gathering every 4-5 weeks to keep the community vibes going.

– The class finishes and you’re checking in with our guests to see how they found the class. Maybe the teacher also requests that we order some new props or asks you a question about the space. As the Team Leader you are often knowledgable of the answers and when in doubt, you find out the answer and get back to them. 

– More students are soon arriving for class and you take a few moments to reset the space, ensuring they have the same beautiful atmospheric welcome that the previous guests experienced. This time a student has a question so you help them out and another student gives you some interesting feedback so you log it for our studio development. 

– Another class begins and again this is your chance to get a few emails done and check the studio – maybe you see that some furnishings need cleaning better or that some props need updating. It’s your keen eye for detail that keeps things looking sharp. You add these notes to our Purchasing and Maintenance Lists. 

– The shift is coming to a close and so you login to our planning portal where you note your own hours + tasks from the day. As you leave the studio, you check that everything is in place + ready to go for the next person. Maybe there are a few easy tasks that you didn’t have time to do and so you hand those over to the next person to care for the studio. You pride yourself on your excellent communication and planning.

– Several hours later, you get a message from a sick host so you assist them with finding cover amongst the team. You incentivise, motivate and rally your team mates to step-in. Solution found, crisis averted hehe.



  • You have a passion for operations, planning, customer service and leading small teams. 
  • You have a detailed-eye for the studio space and a desire to improve things. 
  • You can deliver an exceptional experience for our guests + host team – communication is your superpower.
  • You are not stressed out about using Whatsapp for work, apps like Slack and/or being ‘on call’ for emergencies.
  • You acknowledge the importance of accountability and responsibility within your role. You are not afraid to make decisions. You are reliable + punctual, self-motivated and solution-focused. When something needs resolving you know you’re the fastest and most equipped person to solve it. 
  • Available to work shifts during our industry’s required timeframes – mornings, evenings and weekends [a combination]. 
  • Applicants are a minimum of 18 years of age. High school diploma or GED preferred. Hospitality and/or Management experience/studies are a bonus. 
  • Must have a valid visa for working in The Netherlands and already be living in Amsterdam {preferably near one of our studio locations}.