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Prental and Postnatal


Reservations are recommended for Prenatal, Postnatal + Baby classes. Mamas wishing to walk-in to the studio are welcome but must have already purchased one of the below class packages.

Please note: in the rare case of a class cancellation, our studio team will only be able to contact students who have made a reservation via our online booking system.

As these classes are not run as courses, there are no fixed starting dates – you can simply begin the classes whenever you wish.

If you think you will not complete your classes in 3 months, we recommend choosing the Mamas 10 Class Card that lasts for 6 Months.


Interested in booking a class?


Prenatal, Postnatal {All Women Welcome} combines breath work, energising flows, deeply safe stretching and strengthening postures to keep your body in good shape and your energy levels high.

If you’re missing your regular Vinyasa Flow or Power Yoga practice, then this class for you. You will leave feeling like you truly used your body yet in a safe, effective manner.

As with all of our classes, we include deep breathing exercises and a delicious relaxation (as well as useful tips and information) to leave you feeling wonderful today and better prepared for tomorrow.

Pregnant + Postnatal women are both welcome. Women not in the Prenatal + Postnatal phases are also welcome to join if they wish to experience this practice.

Definitely recommended for both prenatal + postnatal women. This class is specifically designed for you, mamas!



Baby & me


Baby + Me classes are a great opportunity to enjoy a full postnatal practice whilst enjoying the company of your little one.
These classes are designed to strengthening, body-warming, stretching and heart-pumping  – however our postnatal teacher will offer diverse options for students so that your practice is suitable for your level.
Whether you are new to Yoga/Pilates/Fitness, recently delivered your baby or are an avid sports practitioner, this focused and specialised class will be suitable for all levels, body types and experiences.
Baby + Me classes are a great option if you would like to get some core strengthening benefits in a safe, fluid and fun class. It’s a great practice for toning and lengthening the muscles, working on the posture and particularly for strengthening the core in a safe way.

Your little one will be engaged and interacted with; he/she will enjoy playing with toys, napping and observing you in your practice. Babies and crawlers are welcome to join mamas in their practice.

 Important: please bring a large towel/blanket & your little ones favourite toys.

Baby + Me Benefits Include:

  • Restores and strengthens mama’s body
  • Fun and engaging for both mama and baby
  • Rehabilitates the pelvis, sacrum, abdominals and pelvic floor muscles
  • Encourages deeper physical awareness
  • Develops good posture, assisting in the prevention of back pain whilst feeding, carrying and lifting your baby
  • Tones the body, stabilising core muscles and maintaining joint mobility
  • Weight management and Circulatory boosting
  • Nurtures the bond between mama and baby

Mum and baby classes are informal, friendly classes offering a supportive space in which to bond and interact with your baby and to connect with other mums.

Mamas who want to bring their babies to class. 

Definitely recommended for postnatal women. This class is specifically designed for you, mamas!