Surf is a fun and challenging way to challenge and play with the bodies balance control systems. We’re often unaware of our basic ability to balance (until we lose balance, of course) as so much of our movement as human beings is dependent on balance and coordination. We undertake most movements in the day barely noticing our supreme balance and coordination skills.

In Surf, that will all change; the session is both a physical body workout and a deeply grounding mind practice. In physical forms of yoga + fitness, we attain presence often through paying close attention to movement and the sensations that arise with each movement.

In a Surf, your mind will need to stay present to maintain your balance, strengthen and stability. In this sense, we apply a more yogic element to the class – we will pay attention to breath, movement and the mind’s natural fluctuations as we undergo this combination of yoga postures on the board.

However, don’t be fooled – with each blissful flow + beautifully aligned yoga posture, there will also be some fitness elements – designed to exhaust those muscles through the repetition of strengthening, alignment-focused + supremely efficient moves. Surf sessions include board work ~ as well as the use of resistance bands + hand weights.

Most of the class will be spent on the board but there will also be aspects of mat work, designed to enhance your physical results. This is one body-rocking, ab-affirming session.

Those who love a good abdominal challenge! 

Not recommended in pregnancy.
Postnatal approved after 6 weeks {12 weeks for C-Section}