❤︎ Barre Teacher Training! May 22nd – 24th 2024 ❤︎                        ❤︎ Barre Teacher Training! May 22nd – 24th 2024 ❤︎                        ❤︎ Barre Teacher Training! May 22nd – 24th 2024 ❤︎

❤︎ Barre Teacher Training! May 22nd – 24th 2024 ❤︎


High rep, low impact. Learn more about Barre and the class styles at Studio 191.


‘Core Pilates’ is a challenging, 50 minute torso strengthening, correcting and conditioning class.


Meet Sculpt – our contemporary take on the old school “legs, bums n tums”


Reformer Pilates is the latest addition to our studio menu using Allegro 2 Reformers by Balanced Body


Pre and Post Natal classes suitable for all the mamas out there.

PTs, Privates and Duets

More Info coming soon 

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Barre Teacher Training

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We hear you. You don’t want to miss your favourite classes + sometimes signing up way in advance is just not realistic.

For those of you who want the flexibility of signing up last minute, why not walk-in?

Here's your Guide to Walking In...

First Come, First Served
Want to Walk-In to class? Arrive at the studio a little early to secure any last remaining spot.
Note: We cannot guarantee a spot in classes if you choose to walk in – but our hosts will keep an eye on the classes let you know if there is space or if one becomes available.

Upon arrival, notify a Studio Host
Take a seat, enjoy a tea + we’ll notify you of the space ASAP.

You must have an Active Class Card {this can be a Single Class Card purchased at the studio} or Membership to be able to use one of the walk in spaces. You can check how much credit you have via your online booking profile on Eversports.

There are often Late Cancellations + No Shows, so it can be worth trying to Walk-In for classes which show full online. We can’t guarantee a spot but our stats show that there are often one or two available spaces waiting for those who walk in.

What if I’m already on the Online Waitlist?

If you are on the online waitlist you will still be notified by push notification on your Eversports account. Your place will not be confirmed until you go online and book on to the class (being on the waitlist . The space will be offered to all clients on the waitlist and given on a first-to-book basis.

What if I Signed Up for Class but need to Cancel?

As a community full of kind, awesome people ~ we ask that you be kind to your fellow students + cancel your place in class at least 4 hours before the start of class if you cannot attend. This allows us to give a spot to someone on the Waitlist or a Walk-In student. Remember ~ on any other day ~ that could be you. Be kind, peeps.

Please Note: This cancellation policy is for Members and Class Card holders only.  OneFit and Classpass members must follow their respective cancellation policies – we have no control over this